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March 28th, 2015 | 11:17 AM
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Station History
There has been a broadcasting service in Stanley (the capital of the Falkland Islands) since 1929, when a wired Rediffusion system was established under the direction of the Governor, Sir Arnold Hodson K.C.M.G. This service was known to most people as “the box”. It consisted of simple loudspeakers in people’s homes, which were connected by overhead wires directly to an amplifier situated at the radio station on Ross Road. The service was also carried to some outlying farms by telephone lines and gave many people their first experience of radio. The engineer responsible for the establishment of this service was Mr F.A.W. Byron.

Broadcast reception on short wave in those days was anything but good, since the BBC short wave service hadn’t yet begun and wireless reception had perforce to be chiefly confined to receiving South American programmes on medium wave. But, with the aid of gramophone records, local news and an occasional local programme, interest in the new venture was maintained. The Governor himself also often conducted a local programme and did his own announcing.

The first wireless broadcasting became possible in 1942 and in 1954 a 5kw medium wave transmitter was installed.

In 1955 the headquarters were moved from Ross Road to their current location on John Street.

In mid 1977 a full time Broadcasting Officer was appointed for the Government run station. Patrick Watts managed the station until his retirement in 1999.

During the conflict in 1982 the Rediffusion service was used frequently to relay vital information around Stanley relating to curfews and blackouts. After the war the service was phased out and replaced by VHF transmitters and in 1999 a new medium wave transmitter came into service, giving island wide coverage.

Between August 2000 and August 2005 there were three station managers including Steve Johnston, Lisa Riddell and caretaker manager Claudette Anderson.

In August 2005 the station was transferred from government ownership to the management of the Media Trust, who employed the current Station Manager Corina Bishop. The name was changed from the Falkland Islands Broadcasting Station (FIBS) to the Falkland Islands Radio Service (Falklands Radio).

Today the station operates with five full time members of staff complimented by a variety of freelance presenters.

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